Welcome to Fisher for Arizona


As a local business owner, I’ve helped create hundreds of jobs in our community. As a community leader, I volunteer with dozens of civic and charitable organizations, and serve on the boards of several non-profit groups. The name of my company, Vision, reflects my approach: I’m committed to finding common ground and offering long-term solutions that will focus on the issues Arizonans care about: the economy, jobs, and education.

My Vision as your representative is to be a moderate and inclusive voice for our community.  I will use my private sector experience which includes balancing hundreds of budgets annually, to promote a pro-growth environment that fosters employment, education, healthcare security, and sensible tax reform to rebuild our middle class and move our economy forward. 

I will focus on strengthening our education system to compete in a 21st-century economy, stimulate job creation by investing in high growth industries like technology, telecommunications, transportation, energy and biomedical research, and work to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. 

I’ve built my career and businesses by overcoming differences, finding areas of agreement, and coming up with workable, common sense solutions. This is the same moderate approach I will take as your state representative. Thank you.

Fisher for Arizona - District 18